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Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

Brown University | Instructor

Summer 2022

CEMA 925: Real-world Networks: using Math to understand Complex Systems

Designed and taught this pre-college course on the mathematical foundations of network science, with an emphasis on modeling tools and applications.

Brown University | Graduate Teaching Assistant

Fall 2020

APMA 1655: Honors Statistical Inference I

Instructor: Yeonjong Shin 

Integrated first course in probability and mathematical statistics. Specific topics include probability spaces, discrete and continuous random variables, methods for parameter estimation.

Spring 2021

APMA 1650: Statistical Inference I

Instructor: Sam Punshon-Smith​

New York University | Graduate Teaching Assistant

Fall 2018

MATH-UA 121: Calculus I

Instructor: Yury Ustinovskiy

Intro-level math course covering: derivatives, antiderivatives, and integrals of functions of one real variable; trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. 

Spring 2019

MATH-UA 121: Calculus I

Instructor: Corrin Clarkson

Pedagogy Training

Brown University | Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Spring 2022

Course Design Seminar

Semester-long learning  where participants are guided through an integrated course design process to develop a syllabus, signature assignments, and teaching strategies for a semester-long course.  Topics include:

  • The Integrated Course Design Process

  • Articulating and Assessing Learning Outcomes

  • Course Design Across the Higher Education Landscape

  • Principles to Enhance Student Motivation and Learning

  • Writing Assignment Design and Scaffolding

  • Applying Universal Design for Learning

  • Identifying Appropriate Digital Tools


Fall 2021

Teaching Consultant Program

Semester-long learning community in which graduate students and postdocs develop and refine teaching skills through participating in workshops and facilitating a section of the Sheridan Teaching Seminar. Learning outcomes include:

  • Building skills in providing peer feedback on teaching.

  • Articulating and model an inclusive approach to teaching and discussion facilitation.

  • Building skills in facilitating online discussions about teaching with diverse, multi-disciplinary groups.


Fall 2020

The Sheridan Teaching Seminar - Reflective Teaching (Certificate I)

Semester-long seminar designed to develop and refine evidence-based teaching and assessment strategies.

Seminar is organized over four models:

  • Critical Reflection and Inclusive Classrooms.

  • Rhetorical Practice and Classroom Communication.

  • Learning Design.

  • Active Learning.

Other Teaching Experience

2018 - 2019

New York University |
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences 

Undergraduate Tutor

Held walk-in tutoring hours at the Courant Institute Tutoring Center. Topics covered include:  Pre Calculus, Calculus I-III, and Linear Algebra.

2015 - 2018

New York University |
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences


Graded weekly assignments for Calculus II (Fall 2015), Linear Algebra (Spring 2016), and Probability Theory (Summer 2018).

Student Comments

  • "Juniper's Campuswire answers are amazing, might as well be put in the textbook." (S21)

  • "Juniper did a wonderful job of engaging with students [...] and creat[ing] environments where I felt comfortable asking questions. Not to mention their adorable cats who'd peek in from time to time! <3<3<3 Thank you Juniper!!"(F20)

  • "Juniper was very welcoming of everyone and made everyone feel seen in their hours. They also just genuinely cared about how we were doing, how we felt about the workload and homeworks [...]. They are also very thorough in their explanations and do not just give you the answer right away. They take their time to explain why they're doing what they're doing. They were also just really easy to talk to." (F20)

  • "Juniper is the best TA I've had in my college experience. They're informative, encouraging, helpful, and open to questions." (S19)

  • "I would say they're definitely the best recitation instructor that I've ever had. They're very patient and understanding and explains topics clearly and in-depth."(S19)

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