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Mentoring Experience

Undergraduate research projects

Jessica Li (Fall 2021)

Markov Chains: Theory and Applications

Mentored as part of Brown APMA Directed Reading Program

Jessica learned about Markov Chains and their applications by study selected chapters of the textbook Markov Chains by Norris, and reading research articles. In particular, she focused on applications in social sciences, such as models of social mobility.

Shreyas Rao (Spring 2021 - Spring 2022)

Generalized Interacting Processes: Simulation, Conjectures and Proofs

Co-mentored with Darryl Xie as part of  Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRA) project under the supervision of Professor Kavita Ramanan.

Shreyas simulated the Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible (SIS) model on regular trees under various distribution of infection and recovery times, and made conjectures on how these different distributions affect the phase portrait of epidemic survival. 

George Daccache, Linghai Liu, Zhiyuan Zhou (Summer 2020)


Mentored as part of Brown Undergraduate Mathematics Projects (BUMP), a program designed to guide undergraduate students through fun, exploratory mathematical projects.

In this project George, Linghai and Zhiyuan studied card shuffling and other processes in which small random changes lead, over time, to system-wide randomness.  They learned how these phenomena  can be understand in terms of the long term behavior of a Markov chain, how to simulate them, and how similar ideas lead to Markov chain Monte Carlo methods.

Additional mentoring experience:

I am a mentor in the Undergraduate/Graduate Mentoring Program in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. This program pairs undergraduate students interested in Applied Math with graduate students with similar interests. The aim of this program is to provide undergraduate students with an additional advising perspective, and support students who feel isolated and underrepresented in the Applied Math community.

As part of this program I have mentored four undergraduate students. I met with them regularly throughout the semester, advised them about course selection, research opportunities, and planing for graduate school.

Applied Math Undergraduate/Graduate Mentoring Program
(Fall 2019 - present)
oSTEM Mentorship Program
(Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)

I am a mentor in the oSTEM Mentorship Program, which aims at empowering LGBTQIA+ students and early career professionals and promoting diversity and inclusion across all STEM fields.

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